K-9 Nose Work ®


Classes offered range from beginning Nose Work level to advanced.
Classes run for 6 weeks at 1.5 hours per session with a minimum of 3 teams per class and a maximum of 6.
Puppies to the elderly dog are eligible to enroll as well as youth to elderly handlers.  

We additionally offer a practice group to facilitate practice in a group setting.
Groups allow you the benefit of being able to share observations and have someone else do the set up for you.

Intro to Nose Work A

In this class we introduce the concepts of the nose work game. The focus is on building foundation skills: handlers begin to develop observation skills to learn to read their dogs, and the dogs begin to develop intensity for the hunting game. High value rewards (toys/treats) are identified for each dog and are used to increase their hunting drive. This class may be repeated to further strengthen the hunting drive of your dog.

Intro to Nose Work B

In this class we continue work on foundation skills. The dogs work with primary reinforcers (treats/toys) but more challenging search environments will be introduced, including exteriors & vehicles.

Intro to Odor.

In this class we go back to basics as we introduce the first odor: Birch.  Search environment focus will continue for Containers, Interiors, Exteriors and Vehicles.

Continuing Nose Work.

In this class we continue to expose teams to different environments to increase their experience and their consistency. Trial preparation will be discussed.

Advanced Nose Work.

More advanced concepts are introduced.  Teams of different experience levels may be combined.  Participants must have completed a Continuing Nose Work class and may be working on multiple odors. We will alternate meetings at our classroom with excursions offsite.

Practice Group.
Teams of differing levels meet at varying locations to practice concepts learned in class.  Please see schedule for dates and times.  Call to confirm attendance and location.

Cancellation Policy 
Any classes cancelled by instructor will be rescheduled. In the event a student must cancel a class, it is not the instructor’s responsibility to provide an additional class, although an effort will be made to assist the student in making up the class.

Beginner/Intermediate Mixed
7:30 pm  Wednesdays 
Scampers Daycamp 
12532 NE 124th Street
Kirkland, WA 98034

Advanced Practice Group
7:00-8:30 pm Mondays
Rotating locations with focus on various Nose Work concepts
$28.50 per session or 
$160 for 6 sessions (can be non-consecutive)

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